Development Projects

  • Starkweather Place - Starkweather Place is in the heart of the Tremont neighborhood. A stone’s throw away from boutique shopping, salon and spa, handmade chocolates and coffee shop! PHASE II is well under way with 6 homes completed and sold in 2013. The remaining units are pre selling at a brisk pace.
  • Bergen Village – Bergen Village is at the corner of West 5th and Literary. From Lincoln Park head North on West 11th, veer right onto Literary. At West 5th turn right.    This is luxury living at its finest. Project is near sell out.
  • West  11th Street Townhomes- The first 4 units are near completion in a prime up and coming location in South Tremont near Clark Field.
  • W 12th Street Homes- This project is in further pre - development stages , with a newly added and  funded walking path connector from West 12th Street to Clark Field.
  • Columbus Road Homes- 6 luxury homes on Columbus Road in Tremont Duck Island featuring the ultimate roof top views of Cleveland’s Flats and Downtown.
  • Homes at Gateway- pre development phase of a 16 unit luxury residential project located in Tremont Duck Island on West 19th just south of Abbey Avenue. 
  • Tremont Green Infill Homes Project- Tremont West in a collaboration with Enterprise Community Partners and a private developer to  build 7 fee simple deep green homes at the intersections of West 5th and West 6th at Marquardt Ave.  One of these wonderful units  will be available at a special rate for a family whose income falls at or below 120% of AMI project to commence in late spring-early summer 2014
  • Tremont Duck Island Development Collaborative -  is an urban redevelopment effort implementing sustainable community enhancement in Duck Island, a traditional neighborhood that is perfectly situated for mixed-use, transit-orientated living. The Collaborative is a private-sector-led effort utilizing shared resources to improve the quality of life for the current and future residents of Duck Island. Together we can create a neighborhood redevelopment model that demonstrates the definitive example of sustainable city living in Cleveland, Ohio.
  • Fairmont Creamery – Historic renovation of the famous Fairmont Creamery Building on Willey Ave ( across from the APL) – to 34 market rate rentals, a commercial gymnasium and mufti-faceted commercial office space. Expected completion early spring 2015.
  • The Grace Center - West 14th Street  just north of Lincoln Park- three historic mansions historically renovated. One to be an 8 suite Bed & Breakfast; One a therapeutic luxury Spa ; the third a commercial / retail space which could serve as the location for Tremont’s first full service market ! Exterior renovation to be completed late December 2014.
  • Our Lady of Mercy Church – West 11th Street /Kenilworth on Lincoln park. Historic renovation of a former sacred structure into commercial office space and the new  corporate headquarters of Hermes Racing.
  • Holy Ghost Church- West 14th at Kenilworth avenue , across from Lincoln Park. Historic renovation / transformation  of an existing Byzantine Catholic church to “The Byzantine Catholic Cultural Center” this is one to watch.
  • 1205 Starkweather, lovingly referred to as “the little theater building” on Lincoln Park - Historically renovated and in the due diligence stages of becoming home to a unique market concept by one of Cleveland’s finest organic / healthy food chefs.
  • CHN Lease Purchase Homes – TWDC in collaboration with CHN has  completed  two new construction lease purchase homes in  Ward 14 Tremont, Buhrer School  Area;  and one additional on Auburn Avenue along  the Scranton Corridor  in Ward 3 Tremont.
  • Opportunity Homes – One New Construction Opportunity Home on West 5th Street, north of Marquardt Ave  was completed, sold and occupied in 2013.
  • Tremont Avenue Homes- a redevelopment  of three former housing  sites on Tremont Avenue near Starkweather  with a total of 7 fee simple homes by Civic Builders. Two homes are sold the rest are in predevelopment.
  • Foreclosure then Re-purposing- in 2013 TWDC has facilitated the acquisition and rehabilitation of 9 foreclosed properties resulting in new Tremont resident owners and tenants.
  • Towpath Trail Connector - This project ,”The Lower Holmden Avenue Green Way cross over segment.- IS EXPECTED TO COMMENCE IN SPRING OF 2015 this $39 million + segment of the towpath will travel along  the east side of Clark Field as a link to Canal Basin Park