Request for Qualifications and Quotation

Request for Qualifications and Quotation

Land Use Study

Tremont West Development Corporation (Tremont West) is seeking qualifications from applicants for a Land Use and Neighborhood Plan.

Tremont West is interested in producing a Plan that looks at land use in the area bounded by Train Avenue/West 25th on the West, Scranton Road on the East, Auburn Avenue to the South, and Fairfield Road to the North. Currently, the area consists of primarily single and two family homes with larger developments such as the Fairmont Creamery and Ohio Awning. Tremont West has identified over 4+ acres of vacant land with development potential in the immediate area.

Primary Work Product

This contract will result in a land use plan for the area bounded by Scranton Road on the east, Fairfield Road on the north, Train Avenue and West 25th Street on the West, and Auburn Avenue on the South.

The land use plan will consist of:

  • Existing conditions analysis
  • Public Engagement
  • Key Opportunities and Catalytic Projects
  • District Parking Options
  • Identifying property owners of vacant lots
  • Identifying projects to be completed/complete in last five years
  • Identifying needed uses and outcomes for property owners as well as addressing concerns of community
  • Identifying available and needed parking for proposed and existing uses
  • Presenting a map of current uses
  • Presenting a map of proposed uses
  • Presenting a map of proposed outcomes to accomplish needed development and community goals
Located in the Historic Tremont Neighborhood
2406 Professor Street, Cleveland, OH 44113
P. 216-575-0920 | F. 216-575-0998

The process will include:
  • Meeting with area stakeholders (interviews) including Tremont West,property owners and residents in immediate neighborhood
  • Presenting plan to Tremont West Development Corporation (Board and Committees)
  • Continued refinement of plan to meet the needs of stakeholders


Submittals should be provided electronically and include the following items, along with other material to demonstrate Consultant’s expertise and capability:
  1. A brief written description of the Consultant’s approach to the project.
  2. The expertise of the team assembled by Consultant to carry out the work.
  3. A list of comparable projects undertaken by Consultant and/or team members.
  4. Tasks to be performed
  5. Timeline
Please submit electronically to by May 27, 2019, 5pm.


Please provide a budget for $10,000 in services. If costs to exceed $10,000 please provide an itemized budget that would allow for a menu of options.

The RFQ can be found here.