Tremont West Annual Membership Meeting

Here are the 2019 candidates:

Kate Carden (candidate for President): If re-elected to serve as TWDC’s Board President, I will continue to work with my neighbors and TWDC to help ensure Tremont remains the diverse, active, safe, and vibrant community we’ve all come to love. I am so proud of the way Tremont residents advocate for our neighborhood and am excited for the growth we continue to see. Thank you for your support – I look forward to working with you!

Dan Cotter: My name is Dan Cotter and I am running for reelection to Board of Directors for Tremont West Development Corporation. I have lived in Tremont since 2012 and have been involved with North of Literary Block since I moved to the neighborhood. I have volunteered for RiverSweep, Arts in August, Marathon water station, Celebrate Tremont, Taste of Tremont, and Arts and Culture Festival. Before I was elected to the board I served as Ex:Officio for NOL from 2013 to 2016. I am also on the Governance committee and have served as Co-Chair in the past. I work in IT as a Configuration Specialist and have worked for the same company for 13 years.

Jaime Declet: I came to Cleveland 29 years ago to visit and never left the Cleveland Metro area. I have been working with the Cleveland Public Library for the last 11 years all of which has been servicing the Tremont Neighborhood. I have always believed in being involved in the communities I work in. Therefore, getting involved with Tremont West was a given to me after I got to learn more about the neighborhood.

Dan Imfeld: Tremont is my home and I am passionate about the continued growth and development of the neighborhood and community. I aim to do my part in helping Tremont remain a place people prefer to live, work and relax. My experience as a Financial Advisor, Certified Public Accountant along with being a home owner and resident of Tremont provide me with the tools and perspective to serve all of you as a TWDC Board of Directors member.

Lynn McLaughlin Murray: I am Lynn McLaughlin Murray. I live on Lincoln Park with my family. I am running for a position on the Board of Directors. I have served on the Board of Directors from 2006 to 2019 and from 2014 to 2016 as President of the Board. I want to continue to make sure we keep Tremont a vibrant, growing and welcoming community. As the current Treasurer, I want to continue my work to ensure the long term fiscal health of Tremont West.

Gusty Molnar:  I wish to remain active on the TWDC Board of Directors, to have a positive influence on our neighborhood, bringing my extensive professional/leadership experience to the board to help us accomplish our neighborhood goals of growing properly, creating long-lasting value & continuing to be an inclusive & unified community.  Thank you very much!

Jonathan Rosati: Since moving to Tremont from Old Brooklyn, I’ve noticed--on my daily dog walks—concerns facing Tremont residents like crime, roads, construction, taxes, and economic development. Joining TWDC provides me opportunity to ensure residents’ concerns are heard and resolved. My experiences in higher education and retail management have taught me the importance of effective communication skills, teamwork, and positive leadership. I like to learn and am eager to challenge myself with new skills and concepts. I am results-driven and change-oriented.

Richard Sosenko: I have been a lifelong (70 years) resident of Tremont. I am a retired bricklayer for the City of Cleveland, being knowledgeable in city codes and regulations. Currently, I am serving on the Board of TWDC and have seen many changes here, in which I have been part of, hoping to make our neighborhood a cleaner and safer place to call home. So, if you are happy, remember me.

Josh Wright: Election to the Board of Trustees presents the opportunity for me to contribute back to the community that I’ve grown to call home. Currently residing as Chair of the Mentor-Castle-Clark Block club, it’s a community I’ve personally invested into but see as more than a commodity. It’s an opportunity for personal growth, sharing the strengths of the individual with the strengths of the organization, and helping to achieve the greater goals of Tremont West Development Corporation.

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