Hey ODOT, Finish the Job!

   On Tuesday, January 17th, ODOT released a statement regarding the second bridge that is to complete the I-90 Innerbelt Bridge project: the project is to be delayed ten years.  This comes as a shock to Cleveland and the Tremont community.  
   Tremont West’s Board of Directors met on Thursday, January 19th and want to urge both Tremont residents and business owners to take action on this matter.  Petitions are available at the Tremont West office and a sample letter for you to send to voice your opposition to this matter is available to download below.  
   This community has come too far for the Ohio Department of Transportation to cut off access to the Innerbelt.  Tremont has over one hundred small businesses that need quick access to our Innerbelt.  This delay in building the second bridge is unacceptable and would put a strain on Tremont’s thriving small business community.  
   Tremont West will be working with its neighboring communities including Ohio City’s leadership on this issue. Let’s work together to get the 2nd Innerbelt Bridge back on the schedule for construction in 2013!  
   Tremont has never backed down in times of uncertainty.  We need all residents and business owners to help in this fight!  Please get involved—today!

  1. Join the cause on facebook here.
  2. Download the word letter here, or pdf here.  Please date, sign and send to the word list here, or pdf list here, or just email back to  It is our plan to collect the copies here at Tremont West and deliver the packets of letters together for maximum impact.  Even if you do mail the letters on your own, please send us a copy.
  3. Finally, please download and print this sign to show support by hanging it in your home or business window.  Feel free to hang it in your car too.