Did you fill out your Tremont West Membership Card? Deadline - April 1st!

 Tremont West Development Corporation members passed a new code of regulations in January of 2012.  The result of the vote was that the Annual Meeting has been moved from the cold month of January to the warm month of May.  Please take a few moments to fill out a membership card.  You only need to fill this out once, and then you are a member for life as long as you remain a resident or designated business representative of Tremont. 

Download the Form Here

The deadline to be a voting member at the May 20, 2013 Annual Meeting is Monday, April 1st!


The form must be mailed or dropped off to:


Tremont West Development Corporation

2406 Professor Avenue

Cleveland, Ohio 44113


Please note that according to the new code of regulations, you must fill out a membership form to be a member of Tremont West Development Corporation.  If you have not done this since February of 2012, please do so as soon as possible.