Tremont Storefront Incubator Program RFP Announced

Tremont West Development Corporation has announced the third year of the Storefront Incubator Program.  In 2011, Tremont West undertook an audacious plan to repurpose a part of the organization’s office space and turn it into a resource for a local small business looking to transcend from good business idea into a sustainable retail storefront that would add to the vibrancy of the Tremont Business District.

The initial participants, Yellowcake and Cosmic Bobbins, had successful pop up shops in this new Tremont Storefront, so the logical next step would be to create a slate of incentives to offer to a prospective small business, who had a solid business plan and idea that would not compete but complement the existing businesses in Tremont, a means to get their business idea off the ground.

By creating an opportunity for an entrepreneur to follow their dreams and provide new retail options for those who frequent Tremont, Tremont West initiated the Storefront Incubator Program. The first program participant was Tremont Tails and, in 2013, The Beck Center for the Arts opened up a class studio.
Please inform friends and neighbors who might be interested in turning their business dreams into a reality in Cleveland’s best neighborhood.

Download the RFP here.